「Pokémon GO」遊戲規畫 玩家必須遵守

「Pokémon GO」遊戲規畫 玩家必須遵守

「Pokémon GO」遊戲規畫 玩家必須遵守


Pokémon GO說明:

Hello there! I am Prodessor Willow
Did you know that this world is inhabited by creatures known as pokemon ?
Pokemon can be found in every corner of the earth.
Some run across the plains,others fly though the sk ies,some live mountains,or in the forests,or near water.
I have spent my whole life studying them and their regional distribution.
Will you help me with my research?
That’s great! I was just looking for some like you to help!
You’ll need to find and collect pokemon from everywhere!
Now,choose your style for your adventure

 Pokémon GO 翻譯: